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Testimonio Nerea Vercher | 25 años


January 2019

7 months ago I left my country towards Lisbon in order to grow up professionally and as a person. A lot of things happened in those months.

My EVS in Portugal studying birds (SPEA) is one of the most extraordinary experience I have ever done in my life. I’m working in the field I prefer with amazing people, enjoying each day. Thanks to this work I’m travelling around the country, from north to south, from Miranda do Douro to Sagres discovering Portugal and its traditions.

In October it happened one of the most important moment of my EVS: the Arrival Training. On the way to Gerês (where the arrival training took part) I wasn’t really happy and confortable. I’m shy and insecure, especially when I’m in contact with new people. Fortunately, the days in Gerês were amazing and all was good. I met a lot of guys that now are new friends even though I cannot speak English very well.

Staying six days in the mountain surrounded by special people from all over the Europe was one of the best learning moment of those months.

In November during a weekend I was in Porto with some friends from work. In spite of the cold, I really enjoyed the city and I ate the typical plate ‘the French’. I fell in love. And also it was the perfect moment to meet again some friends known during my EVS.

I’m enjoying Lisbon, this magic place and people from here. Now I’m ready to start this year with a lot of good intentions and I still have five months to spend as well as the past ones.

August 2018

Two months passed since the day I arrived in Lisbon… this adventure started in May and I’m Nerea, the main character of it. I’m from Valencia (Spain), a great strip of land bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, full of light and power. I’m 24 years old, I’m a young biologist and I love nature and birds.

On May I found an EVS in Lisbon to collaborate with an ONG that dedicates his work on the protection and conservation of the wild birds. I was so excited thinking of working in this association that defends the natural values that I made a real effort in order to obtain the job. After two weeks I received the positive answer and the first of June I was on the plane towards Lisbon.

Even if I had some fears, my goals and expectations appeared in the moment I arrived in Lisbon. The first days were a bit difficult: I felt out of place, I missed my city, my family… As the days went by all my worries disappeared. I was finding a lot of reasons to enjoy this great experience. I didn’t know too much about Lisbon; I just went in Portugal once. Immediately I felt in love with that country. Particularly Lisbon is magic. In two months I had time to visit all the special places and discover the history of the country, the traditional food… Staying in SPEA gave me the opportunity to visit other regions of this beautiful country. I was in the north and I worked in Miranda do Douro and the surroundings. I was also in Seville, one of the most beautiful city in Spain, and Malaga where I met old friends. One of my best friend came to visit me in Lisbon and in some days my parents are coming to enjoy with me this incredible city.

The city it’s not the only positive thing of this experience. I met good friends, colleagues from the work, housemates, others EVS and other Spanish who are living here as me. On of the most special person I met is Alicia, my adventure friend.

After these months I feel really lucky having had the possibility of living this great experience. Next months I want to live as full as I can, learning Portuguese, knowing people and the culture and magic of Portugal.

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